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Scan the QR code on your jar for delicious recipes!!  Each Jar makes up to 20 cocktails!

What is “The Southern Spirit”?

It is a feeling of invitation, grace, hospitality, servant hearts and forgiveness. It is fundamental principles of God first, family next and hospitality always. It is loving thy neighbor as yourself. It is sweet tea, dinners, pie, and prayers. It is carrying a legacy that the first time you come to our home you are a guest but the next visit, you're family. 

The Southern Spirit was created in part to honor Micah’s grandmother, Grace. She exemplified the spirit and reminded them to seek God first, always. She taught their family that the first time someone comes to your home, they are a guest; the next time they’re family. She also taught there is always a seat at the table for anyone, to have a servant heart and you never know when the Pastor will knock on the door so be on your best behavior. (Oh, that Nannie!) Micah wanted to create an opportunity for hospitality, fellowship and gathering to share Grace’s legacy and values:

“At The Southern Spirit, we handcraft our Cocktail Infusions in Bellville, Texas. We’re a team of mothers, daughters and friends who roll up our sleeve, slice, dice and dehydrate fresh produce and bake flavor-infused organic sugar creating craft cocktail flavors that are approachable and artisanal. We believe gatherings with family and friends should be full of intent. We pour time, energy, and joy into our Cocktail Infusions to create connection.”

With every purchase, 5% of proceeds are donated to a feature charity, always. Because THAT is The Southern Spirit.

Being a woman-owned business from the South, the southern spirit embodies all things hospitality and that is what I want our store to represent.  If you enter a home in the South, you are greeted with a warm smile, a giant embrace, and big glass of … well, you decide!

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